Regional Service Opportunities

If you are interested in being of service at Regional level please complete the regional pool form. People in the regional pool could be asked to serve on working groups, to speak at regional workshops, or to be of service on one of the regional service committees. To qualify for a position at the regional service committee meeting you must have a completed service resume as well.

Current Service Opportunities in the Northern California Region.

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NCRSO Board of Directors

The Northern California Regional Service Office Board of Director's will have one 2-Year pool seats and two 1-Year direct elect seats available. To be elected you must have qualified at the RSC meeting the 2nd Saturday in of the month. You'll need a service resume.

Serving on the BOD of director's is an great opportunity for someone with a good business sense to give back to Narcotics Anonymous.

The requirements for the BOD are as follows:
Candidates must qualify at the RSC meeting.
Minimum four (4) years clean time.
Has read and has an understanding of the NCRSO Bylaws .

If you'd like to find out more about the various positions available on the Board you can read the Director's Duties.

If you are interested in finding out more about being of service on the Board of Directors, please contact the Board President.

Northern California Regional Service Committee

The Northern California Regional Service Committee has open positions. If you'd like to read the qualifications for any of the RSC positions you can see the Fellowship Services Team Guidelines here or contact the RSC Chair. If you are interested in finding out what positions are available please contact the RSC Chair You can also attend the NCRSC meeting. See the regional service calendar.

You will need a completed service resume if you are going to run for a position.